Mo`olelo (stories)

  Kumulipo (origin, genesis, mystery)

`Aumākua (Hawaiian Gods)

  The Kumulipo, The Hawaiian Creation Chant

One of
many Hawaiian creation stories, including the "Christian-influenced" Na Kapuna, the Kumulipo is a chant consisting of 2,132 lines and, because the end of the chant traces Hawaiian geneology, the number of lines continues to grow.

It tells of darkness, and a great heat that causes the darkness to boil, creating life and the foundations of earth. The first to emerge from the darkness was the ako`ako`a (coral polyp), and so begins the first interval of time.

It tells of the first man, Wakea, and the first woman, Papa.  And ends with the genealogy of Kalākaua and Lili`uokalani.
     Kumulipo translated by Lili`uokalani

Kumulipo translated by Martha Beckwith



:  God of war and power, and the sunrise

Kāne: The Creator, God of the woodsman, and parent of all living creatures

Lono: God of peace, prosperity, agriculture, wind and rain

Kanaloa: The squid God of the ocean, looked upon with distrust.

Hina:  Goddess of women's work, wife of Ku with the power of growth and reproduction. 

Pele:  The fire Goddess

Māui:  The Trickster


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  Heiau (Hawaiian temples)

     Hawaiian Mythology


Hawaiian Spiritual Tradition

Hawaiian Tiki Gods


Many types of heiau existed, for treating the sick (heiau hō`ola), for offering first harvests or catches from the sea, for starting or stopping rain, for human sacrifice, for success in war, and even for refuge from death. Most of the heiau still standing are war temples comprised of large stone platforms. They were used to house priests, sacred ceremonial items, and images representing the Gods.

Ahu`ena Heiau

Heiau National Park Service

Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park

Kapu System

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Pu`u O Mahuka Heiau

Pu`u Honua O Honaunau National Historical Park

Pu`u Kohola Heiau National Historic Site





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Hawaiian Folk Tales by Thrum

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Ma-ui: The Demi-God

     Mythical Menehune of Kaua`i

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The Legend of the Naha Stone

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The Menehunes: Adventures with the Fishermen





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