Hawaiian Quilt Patterns
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  Quilting arrived in Hawai`i along with the missionaries and western fabrics in the 1820s. The unique, appliqué designs that evolved were based on their intimate relationships with nature, cultural themes, and personal feelings, sometimes said to be inspired by dreams. The symmetry of the designs may have been influenced by the geometric patterns used on kapa (traditional Hawaiian bark cloth) worn by all Hawaiians before the arrival of Europeans.  
  The `ulu (breadfruit) quilt was often the first quilt made to insure plentiful food and prosperity to the maker.  
  `ulu `ulu `ulu `ulu  
  `ulu `ulu `ulu `ulu  
  `ulu `ulu `ulu `ulu  
  `ulu kalo (taro) taro lily lehua (flower of `ōhi`a tree)
  kukui (candlenut tree) kukui calla lily pīkake (jasmine)  
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